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About Us

Founded by Neelofa – a multi-talented personality, who has a vision to revolutionize and simplify modest fashion. It all started when she was going through her own personal transformation and with her decision to dress more modestly, it was just a natural progression that she decided to start with her own hijab line in 2014.

At Naelofar, we create beautiful headscarves that you love, and love to wear. Our vision is to produce headscarves that are practical with well-thought designs to ensure our customers spend minimal time when putting on the headscarves. Style wise – Naelofar is a brand that balances feminity with edge. Redirecting the brand towards more modern vibes, our mission is to produce headscarves in premium quality by selecting only the best quality material and embellishments. We partner with Swarovski, a world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand to embellish our headscarves. This is a way for us to present our customers with luxurious embellishments which also ensures longevity in our design and crafts. We are a luxury at a practical price point.