Our brand have expanded more than we can ever imagined in such a short period of time, initially, our clothing line started with abayas & praying garment (telekung) but now we're offering so much more than that. This year alone we have Busana Naelofar, Neelofa Handbags and now, we are introducing Maryam, a full set ensemble with modesty in mind.

Our brand continues to flourish with the debut of Kurta Fah'd, a menswear range offering quality kurtas at an affordable price. For the ladies, a selection of exclusive kurti sets were released concurrently. 
This year, matching mother-daughter jubahs have also been added to our apparel line-up. Due to popular demand, making a much-awaited comeback this year is our collection of printed abayas. Inspired by nature and floral prints, Flores Abaya features a selection of modest yet trendy abayas that will appeal to fashionistas across the world.